Utilizing manpower in building resources and technology to ensure accessible Education and Awareness for the Deaf.


Creating an inclusive world with accessible education and equal employment opportunities for every Deaf individual.


Our values guide our work: honesty, sincerity, commitment, and hard work.

Why Did We Launch the Foundation?

Our story is available in the separate webpage.



to establish, promote, develop and provide the tools of “accessibility” for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people with the help of technology, resources and manpower in order to ensure that they lead a normal life as part of the Indian Community.

Education via ISL

to promote, advance and encourage education and/or aid in helping, promoting, advancing and encouraging primary, secondary and higher education imparted via ISL for Deaf / Hard of Hearing people.

Training & Awareness

to provide awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people via the workshops and seminars where distinguished leaders are invited to provide training and impart their knowledge.

Promote the Use Of Indian Sign Language

to create an accessible environment for the Deaf / Hard of Hearing people by providing training of Indian Sign Language for the public so that they could communicate with the Deaf independently.

ISL Interpretations

to establish and provide translations in ISL for the educational courses and materials with the objective of making them accessible to the Deaf / Hard of Hearing students.

Parents of Deaf / Hard of Hearing Children

To establish and run workshops for imparting awareness and education to the parents of Deaf / Hard of Hearing children on the proper upbringing of their children to success.


In our organization, we are empowering a diverse team of professionals consisting of Deaf, CODA*, and Hearing who play different roles, applying their years of experience with People with Disabilities.







*CODA stands for Child of Deaf Adults, which means the child is hearing with Deaf parents.