ISH News was set up to meet the requirements of the Deaf Community as the need for knowledge on worldwide happenings was increasing. Spoken / Video Content on TV as well as many OTT Platforms is accessible to only 5% of India’s Deaf Population who can read captions easily. What about the remaining 95% who are dependent on the use of Indian Sign Language?

Hence, ISH News was set up to help bridge the gap between the Deaf and the Hearing Communities and allow them to grow and lead an independent life.

At ISH News it is our aim to collect news which is important and useful to the Deaf Community and broadcast it via our Social Media Platforms. Content-writing, signing, shooting, editing, voice-overs and captions are all managed by our strong team of Deaf individuals and CODA’s, who work tirelessly to achieve this aim.

As a result ISH News has grown to become India’s leading online News and Entertainment channel producing content in accessible formats such as Indian Sign Language, subtitles, voice-overs as well as attractive graphics.



Deaf members are now able to share the news with the hearing members of their family and vice-versa since our News are accessible to both the worlds.


Our News in Indian Sign Language (ISL) along with subtitles and image boxes help the Deaf individual build up their vocabulary skills.


The manifests of the political parties without any bias released via ISH News channel enabled the Deaf people to vote for the first time in their lifetime at their own choice.


We are, in fact, saving the lives of the Deaf people by keeping them informed and updated with Government announcements.

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